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Learning to Slow Down

I had an interesting discussion today with Mel (iykyk) about patience. Afterwards I reflected on this. Basically we were both saying that when we start to learn something we want to do it straight away and be good at it.

So breathe. Learning takes time. Don't think about the end goal. I want to start growing a successful business that can support our family in full or in part, whichever presents itself. But that's not how it starts.

Small tiny steps. Take them. Relish taking them because its one step closer to the goal. Not skipping all the exciting middle bits of development. What I have I been missing out by not taking the steps.

In science class I remember a test where the teacher gave us a test. We were to read all the instructions and then start. I just started the test. Little did I know the final instruction at the bottom of the page said "Only answer the first 5 questions". Read instructions. Join dots. Make a plan and stick to it.

I was most impressed because Mel carried on with a hard project. She didn't want to do it but she carried on regardless. Now she is seeing slow but sure results.

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